May 9, 2018 Meeting Minutes

II.  Meeting was called to order by Theresa Kehler, URCA VP

III.  Police Update - Captain Moroney updated us on district crime stats and answered questions.

           * Theft by auto continues to be the biggest problem.  Captain reminded everyone to lock car doors and not leave valuables in the                    car.

           * Captain advised that newer Honda SUVs are specifically being targeted by a group that is stealing the tires off of them.  Advised                 members to be mindful and report if the see anything out of the ordinary.  Suspects are believed to be in a dark van with some                     type of white letting on the rear driver's side panel.  Writing was unreadable on the video footage.

IIII.  State Representative DeLissio Update

           * Pam came to the meeting to remind people to vote on Tuesday, May 15th.

           * Pam announced her next Town Hall.  Information on this is available on the URCA upcoming events page

           * Pam provided an update and answered questions as to goings on in Harrisburg.

           * Pam reminded people to contact her office if they are not on her mailing list, like her on Facebook to follow real time happenings                  as she works in Harrisburg and reminded people of the things that her office can assist with/provide to constituents.

IIV.  URCA President Update

           * Rich updated members on the status of the development issues that are on the table for us.  

                  1. 7519 Ridge - There is nothing new to report as we are waiting for the transcripts of the ZBA meetings and the decision so                                                  that we can file our objections.

                  2. The towers lot - This is currently on hold per the President of the Dearnley Park Civic.  The developer is said to be buying                                                  this property from a third party that is buying it from the current owner.  The first transaction is stalled so the                                                  developer's purchase is on hold.  

                  3.  Saul High School - They will be presenting plans for a replacement barn to the members but were not able to do so in                                                      May.  Date and time for that forthcoming. Most likely will be at Saul in the next two weeks as their zoning                                                      hearing is prior to our June meeting.

            * Rich reminded members of the Love Your Park event which is detailed on our upcoming events page.

V.   URCA VP Update

            * Theresa reminded people of the fundraising efforts already underway

                   1.  Save-A-Tape - please bring your Brown's Shop Rite receipts to the next Civic meeting, or email                                                             to arrange to have them picked up. These are then tallied and submitted to Brown's                                   ShopRite who then reimburses our organization a percentage of the total receipts we turn in.  Please make sure they are                              no older than 4 months old.  

                  2.  Panera Bread Night - We are waiting on confirmation for our Panera Bread fundraising night.  Once we have a date we will                         communicate on the website, Facebook and email list.  Please come out and support the URCA.

                  3.  SCRIP program - We will be running a SCRIP gift card program. You will be able to purchase gift cards to hundreds of                                 retailers and grocery stores at face value. The merchant then reimburses the organization a percentage of the value of the                           gift card.  It cost you nothing extra but could result in generous reimbursements to offset our costs of operation.

                  4.  BJs Membership Drive - For every membership that is purchased or renewed during our drive, the organization will receive                         $5.  You save on your membership and the URCA receives a donation. It is a win win. More information to be posted and                             mailed.

                  5.  Lottery tickets and football pools - We will be running these small game of chance opportunities for anyone that enjoys this                           type of activity.  More details to follow as well as deadlines to purchase/buy in.

                  6.  Boscov's Day in the Fall - We will have the opportunity to purchase and sell 25% off passes that will be good for one day in                           the fall at Boscov's. You will be able to use the pass multiple times throughout the day.  Each pass is $5 and the entire $5 is                         reimbursed to the URCA.

                 7.  Other fundraising opportunities are being reviewed such as a beef and beer, a Ms. Roxborough pageant, and directory of                               local businesses that support the URCA.  Stay tuned!

                8.  School Supplies Kits - In conjunction with the Church that hosts our meetings, we are running a school supplies fundraiser.                          The school requests cleaning and highly needed supplies such as paper towels, wipes, Clorox wipes, playdough, etc.  To                            make it easy we have partnered with a company who has provided us with a link where we can order the supplies by                                    clicking one button, pay for them online and have them shipped to the school at no additional cost.  We will then receive $3                          for each kit as a reimbursement.  It donates to the preschool and after school the Church operates to serve our community                          and it raises money.  Another win win.  Please consider purchasing a supply kit to help both organizations. To donate a kit to                        a child in need, just click here, select DONATE A KIT on the bottom right hand side to order your                                                                    kit

                 9.  We are always appreciative of any other ideas or assistance you can provide in our fundraising efforts

VI.  Rich and Theresa reminded members that elections for Officers and Board Members for the URCA is coming up in September.                  Anyone interested in assisting us with positions on the Board, Treasurer and/or Secretary are asked to contact us at                            or by speaking to Rich Giordano.


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