December 12, 2018 Meeting Minutes

II.  Meeting was called to order by Rich Giordano, President

III.  Police Update - Welcome to the new Lieutenants and Captain of the 5th District.  We were joined by Lt. "V"

           * Theft by auto continues to be the biggest problem.  Neighbors are reminded to lock car doors and not leave valuables in the                    car.

           * Lt. "V" is returning to the 5th district where she was for some time in the past.  She encouraged members to reach out with          concerns.

IIII.  7354 Ridge Avenue development Update


The developers have been before the Civic Design Review Board twice now.  12/12 was our ZBA hearing.  It was postponed to 12/18 at 1515 Arch St., 18th Floor.  Neighbors are encouraged to be present for that as well as write to the Zoning Board with their positions. Special meeting to discuss this is being held by Dearnley Park Civic at the Roxborough Church at Ridge and Port Royal on Sunday evening.  All are encouraged to attend.


IIV.  7519 Ridge Avenue Development Project Update

Rich Giordano received a date for our appeal hearing which will be January 3, 2019.  There will be no testimony at this date, this is legal arguments and briefs but the community is invited to attend to show support for our position. Rich provided an update to the members as to the legal fees incurred, and estimation of what is to come.


V.   Fundraising Efforts

            * Theresa reminded people of the fundraising efforts already underway

                   1.  Save-A-Tape - please bring your Brown's Shop Rite receipts to the next Civic meeting, or email                                                             to arrange to have them picked up. These are then tallied and submitted to Brown's                                   ShopRite who then reimburses our organization a percentage of the total receipts we turn in.  Please make sure they are                              no older than 4 months old.  

                  2.  SCRIP program - We are running a SCRIP gift card program. You will be able to purchase gift cards to hundreds of                                 retailers at face value. The merchant then reimburses the organization a percentage of the value of the gift card.  It cost you nothing extra but could result in generous reimbursements to offset our costs of operation.  At this time, due to costs incurred shipping physical cards we are only offering escrip option.  You will purchase your egift cards and print them from your computer.

                  3.  Membership Drive - our membership drive is underway.  We ask for a donation of $10 for individuals or $25 for a business annually.  Please spread the word and ask people to consider becoming a member.  We are behind the scenes attempting to maintain and improve the integrity of this neighborhood.  There are costs involved and this is our main source of funding for those efforts.  Thank you to veryone who donated.

                 9.  We are always appreciative of any other ideas or assistance you can provide in our fundraising efforts


***Special Note: Thanks to all of the members that gave generously to Theresa's daughters Food Drive.  The children were able to donated 7 full Thanksgiving meals to families in need this year with just over a week to collect.  Your generosity is much appreciated.


Remember to show support for the Church that hosts us.  They are currently selling Christmas Trees as a fundraiser and as always are grateful for any donations to their Food Bank that operates every Thursday out of the Church.


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